Welcoming: Matchday Champions

It’s official, our upcoming game is now Matchday Champions! Six short months ago we announced the development of an all new football game experience. Today we are excited to unveil that Matchday Mobile has transformed into Matchday Champions!

Matchday Champions uses thousands of officially licensed footballer cards to bring you closer to the game. Not only can you build up a squad of elite athletes to match up against the world, but there are a ton of other features designed to recreate match day excitement.

Over the past few months we’ve completely rebuilt our original Alpha version from the ground up. We’re excited to step into the Beta phase before expanding access globally at some point this year. Our innovative football simulation engine brings matches to life with unmatched realism. This tech ensures that no two games are the same, providing a gameplay experience that mirrors real football.

Strat. No cap.

The ability to shape and influence your squad is something we’re itching to reveal. It’s painful not to be able to tell you more, but Matchday Champions will allow players using the exact same set of footballers to create teams that play differently.

We’re also pushing the boundaries of sensory immersion in mobile games. The atmospheric design of Matchday Champions is crafted to make players feel like they are placed at the touchline. A rich and dynamic soundscape that draws you deeper into the game environment. This is the mobile game you’ll want to play with headphones on.

Club Loyalty to Club Royalty

Matchday Champions already features club crests. This will allow you to spot and remember teams you played in the past, setting up virtual grudge matches and derbies. Matchday Champions remains a massively multiplayer experience, connecting players across the globe. We’re also aiming for social features that actually mean something. Imagine scoring a wonder goal and seeing your friend’s faces in the crowd cheering you on. Imagine your own unique chant ringing around the stadium as you see out a convincing victory. We can’t promise Matchday Champions will ship with all of these features, but they won’t be far behind.

Looking Ahead

The introduction of the name Matchday Champions marks just the beginning of our journey to redefine what a football game can be. Keep your ear to the ground while we keep our nose to the grindstone. If you’ve not set up your club or claimed your free pack of footballer cards yet, go do it now! Matchday Champions is ready to transform how you experience football in a game. Join us on Discord and get hyped.

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