The End of Fandom.

From Stadiums to Screens.

Football is a game drenched in tradition, the torch passing of club support from parent to child, the colours, nicknames and iconic TV broadcasts. Supporting different clubs within families could divide households, becoming a source of contention and long lasting grudges. In the pre-internet era, the television and the stands were the communal hearths around which generations of fans gathered and strengthened bonds.

The digital age however, has transformed the nature of football fandom. Internet broadcasts drove top league football into the hands of everyone, beyond the gatekeepers of expensive satellite dishes and cable contracts. It became not just common, but accepted and celebrated to support a club team from the other side of the world. To the horror of staunch traditionalists, club loyalties became malleable to a new generation. Many new young fans are now brought into the sport by individual players, or even influencers and content creators on the periphery of the traditional sport.

Panna specialist Street Panna on the left with Neymar Jr, and Jeremy Lynch on the right representing England for a Soccer Aid charity match.

Even during periods when professional sports were forced into a hiatus, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for football never left. Under these circumstances, grassroots football coverage flourished, triggering a trend that continues even today. This period underscored the sport's resilience and its ability to adapt and remain relevant even in challenging times. Similar to hyper local and microbrewery trends, lower and non-league football has surged in popularity.

Furthermore, major global football events like the European Championship, the ever unpredictable African Cup of Nations, the AFC Asian Cup, the Copa America and of course the World Cup have gained more extensive coverage, providing a stage for players from various countries to showcase their skills. These events not only celebrate the sport at an elite level but also create new stars, captivating fans and drawing them into the club football narrative.

As the ball turns

Recognising this change and the expansion of the popularity of the game is something that drives us at Matchday. We are creating a category defying, category defining game for 5 billion fans! Matchday Mobile is an extension of this evolution, a football game experience that goes beyond what has been offered with traditional titles. A football game that is for all fans, whether they know one player, one club, one league or a whole spreadsheet of information.

As with other routes into enjoying the game of football, the thing that truly matters is authenticity. Fans want to to see their favourite players, they don’t want to be left out because they have the wrong games console. We currently have over 2000 officially licensed players across the men and women’s game, including every player at the most recent FIFA Women’s World Cup. Our team’s global diversity adds an unmatched perspective when we approach creating for fans. With members representing almost 30 countries around the world, we have come to the sport in many different ways.

With team members from all over the world, the Matchday squad has come to football from many different paths.

Evolving the Game

Designed from the ground up on mobile, without the barrier of even virtual joysticks, we’re creating an experience that includes everyone. While super high budget 3D football simulations and complex management sims that demand hour long sessions have their place, this area is well established and catered for. There are a huge majority of fans who have never played a football game. Read that again - a huge majority of football fans who have never played a football game. As football continues to grow around the world, it’s time to tackle this head on and deliver a title that connects everyone and connect with everyone.

Imagine not only collecting your favourite superstars like Messi or Mbappé, Putellas and Kerr, but being able to put together a competitive lower league or youth club. Imagine forming a team of football influencers and skill masters to compete in the Content Creator Cup. How about choosing Salah and Sancho for a five a side squad? What if YOU were available as a card in the game and could be in the same team or compete against your friends? There are almost endless possibilities within the Matchday universe.

Join us for the next evolutionary leap in football gaming, sign up for our Locker Room now!

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