Building the Future of Football Gaming

First, a moment of celebration. Matchday Champions Beta launched in Brazil 🇧🇷 and Indonesia 🇮🇩.

A mere six months ago, we introduced the concept of a groundbreaking football game. Since then, Matchday Mobile has evolved into Matchday Champions. We’ve completely rebuilt our original Alpha version, moving into the Beta phase with launches in Brazil and Indonesia.

Our vision is clear - to offer a football game experience like no other. Distinctively football, charmingly playful and delightfully crafted.

Building on a moving platform

The Matchday Champions team is using and testing pretty much every AI tool around, determining what each one could add to the game experience. We talk about building on a moving platform - meaning that the technology we are basing the game on is changing rapidly. AI tech, including LLMs and generative models, are growing and evolving faster than perhaps any other previous technology shift. As we stay on top of these technologies, we’re in the best position to understand them, see through the hype, and use them to enhance the gaming experience. This is the crucial part - technology is a tool, which we are using to deliver a more immersive and enjoyable game.

Right now we have thousands of officially licensed footballer cards, but who knows how these cards might evolve and come to life within the game?

Let's look at club crests - but these could end up being animated, or include video with your squad, in your team colours. What about an entire stadium that lives and breathes and evolves based on your leadership? We've talked about dynamic crowd sounds - but what if you could seamlessly integrate your real life or social media friends into your crowd? What if you could pick out their voice cheering you on. We have a famous footballer introducing you to the game right now, but in the future we could have local footballers and personalities interacting with locally specific players in different countries.

The Tip of the Iceberg

Matchday Champions is being built to bring fans closer to the game. While we've reached an important milestone - what we've released is 5% of the planned experience. We are building the plane as we fly, meaning you will see content and mechanics added into the game at an astounding schedule. Not even mentioning the plans we haven’t planned yet!  We’ve laid the groundwork to realise new visions more quickly and accurately than ever before.

We've talked about the soundscape, the official footballer cards, the match simulation engine and touched on a few future possibilities. By the time you read this, another tech announcement or three may have shifted our view of what's possible. As we move into the live development phase, we can't wait to see what Matchday Champions will look next week, next month, and even another 6 months from now.

Join us on this wild ride. We offer early access to our Locker Room members. Strap in!

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