After Alpha comes…

February marked a particularly special month at Matchday. We were excited to bring an early playable to our most trusted community. A huge thank you to everyone who participated. Your input will shape the direction the game takes, not to mention improve many details moving forward.

Responses to Feedback 🔙

We brought every piece of Alpha testing feedback to the game team. Over several sessions and a comprehensive report, we gathered together all the contributions, suggestions and ideas you gave. While this would be a bit too much to list here, here’s a summary of the main points and replies from the team.

Moving Forward Together 🤝

Your insights were and continue to be crucial as we refine Matchday Mobile. It’s pretty likely that the game you see next time will be a giant leap beyond what you experienced during Alpha. We won’t get everything right next time, but you can bet we’ll keep improving.

Let’s have a moment of appreciation once more to everyone taking part. You plowed on through technical problems, crashes, bugs and probably an 0-4 thrashing at some point. You’re all winners in our eyes, and your contributions have already made their mark on what’s to come.

Keep your cards close, we’ll see you in Beta, Alpha warriors!

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