Matchday's Global Team: Uniting Football Fans

At Matchday, we know that the community around a game is as vital as the game itself. But how do we even begin to connect with an audience of 5 billion fans? Our approach to engaging with football fans across the globe reflects the diverse interests and backgrounds of our team and the audience. Let’s tackle the challenge of creating an experience that resonates with every football fan.

“In the Matchday community, we don't just talk about our games. We talk about the weather, we laugh, we share our different cultures from around the world, we learn.”

Enter the Community Team

At the heart of our community engagement is our dedicated community team, an elite cadre of individuals representing ten different countries (and even more languages), each bringing their unique expertise and experiences to the table. We have seasoned professionals from the birth of Web3, community managers from the world of professional football, team members from the mobile gaming world, e-commerce, big data, Discord coding, television and even teaching. This rich diversity is the cornerstone of our approach, acting as the vital link between our passionate core fans and other Matchday teams. The community team stands as both advocate and voice for our community in our planning meetings. Our mantra is straightforward: without our fans and users, we are nothing. We take pride in knowing that the feedback from our community directly steers the course of our decisions. For us, maintaining a two-way communication channel is more than just a strategy, it's a commitment.

"I love the passion that Matchday fans have around our ambassadors on social media. I can't wait to do more activities that bring together the superstar footballers that support Matchday with our community”

Speaking your language on social

When tackling social media, we know that each platform requires a different voice and each account plays host to a unique audience. Our recent focus has been identifying what kind of content resonates with these different audiences. For instance on Instagram, we've discovered an enthusiastic assembly of women's football fans. This insight helps us tailor our content to engage effectively with each group, ensuring that both our long-term fans and newcomers always have a positive experience with Matchday. However and wherever fans find us, we want to be speaking their language and making a real connection.

"The depth of football knowledge was something that surprised me within our community.”

Going deep

Interactive elements are a cornerstone of our community engagement. (By the way, you’ll find us on Discord - come and have a chat!) In the past year, we’ve had Matchday Challenge running on our website. This general knowledge quiz is a place to interact and earn yourself Matchday coins, which can be used to directly purchase new footballer cards. Our weekly Guess The Player is a Discord based game for all users, while our monthly live gameshow Matchday Mastermind  served as a regular focal point during 2023. We were thrilled to crown our long-time user Madic as the season champion. These initiatives help boost camaraderie, as well as highlighting the (consistently surprising) depth of passion our community holds for the game.

“I can't think of a single community member who is a stereotypical 'football fan', yet somehow we all are."

Tapping into community creativity is also something we love. We've seen fantastic engagement through Meme contests and are planning to take that relationship a step further by incorporating community-generated content into the game. These easter eggs might be subtle, but they're a nod to our community's creativity and engagement – a small way of saying 'we see you, and we appreciate you'.

"The enthusiasm that our community shows around our upcoming game is really uplifting and reassuring. Is super encouraging and confirms that we are moving in the right direction.”

Above the Clouds

With a global team comes a global challenge. Matchday has fully embraced remote working, and this is the case for the community team. The closest team members geographically happen to live in the same city, while the rest of the team is spread out over Europe and beyond. This way of working becomes more and more common, it’s still an alien concept to a great many people. The key factor in achieving what we have is communication. Even with all the tools in the world, they would be meaningless without the our super experienced Community Lead keeping the boat sailing smoothly. Throw in meticulous documentation and a staunch refusal to use more tools than necessary, and we ensure that every team member, regardless of their location, is on the same page and is heard. The secret ingredient here is the attitude that there’s no challenge we cannot overcome together.

The Blockchain Conversation

Community means having conversations no matter how awkward or difficult. We know Web3 remains a polarising topic for many. We are upfront about our belief in the role of Web3 and Blockchain tech in our game and platform. Rather than try to dictate how people should feel about a particular technology, we believe in keeping the door open for anyone to join or leave at any time. If we show any given technology in action and working, it says reams more than talking about the actual technology. We’ve discussed ownership of Matchday footballer cards, we’ve seen how it enhances the experience for fans and players. Many people have fond memories of owning physical mementos, cards and trinkets in the past (and likely still today). We‘ve seen over and over again that people get the same enjoyment from ownership in the digital realm. Collecting as a hobby continues to grow, providing value in many ways and catering for an increasingly wide audience. Our aim is to expand the audience further still, remaining inclusive enough to accommodate everyone, from the most casual fan to the collectors who’s primary motivation is obtaining the rarest cards.

"Every day, seeing regular members who believe in Matchday and put their trust in us gives us confidence in the direction we're heading.“

The Road Ahead

With the release of Matchday Mobile fast approaching, we remain dedicated to fostering a community that thrives on diversity, creativity, and innovation. Our journey is not just about growing numbers, but about nurturing and maintaining a local community feeling. No matter how big our community gets, we want every new member to feel welcome, not overwhelmed. At Matchday, every fan counts, every voice matters, and every match is an opportunity to connect. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey, to be part of a community that's reshaping the world of football fandom. Welcome to Matchday.

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