Matchday Mobile: Redefining Football Gaming

Since announcing Matchday Mobile ⚽, we’ve been fielding a TON of amazing reactions and questions from you, so thank you!

By far most frequent one we've received is "But what kind of game is it?!"

We've been quite stingy with the details so far, purely for practical reasons as we are at such an early stage right now. But of course we're also super eager to show you, to get the game into your hands the moment we can. If you want to be first in line for that, then you should apply to be part of our Locker Room!

Locker Room?

The Locker Room is the inner circle of the Matchday community. A place we offer our closest fans exclusive early peeks of what we’re working on, including early access to Matchday Mobile ⚽. Set up your Matchday account and then apply here to join in.

What can you tell me now?

Forget everything you know about football games. We’re pioneering a new genre. More dynamic, more accessible and more exciting than sifting through spreadsheet simulators (no shade to Football Manager, many of us play it!). We want to replicate the feeling that you are right there at a live football match.

So it is football management?

That IS a part of it yes, but it’s so much more. We are creating a game that resonates with all football fans. From younger supporters who might know a handful of big name stars, to the most dedicated enthusiasts who can reel off the 93-94 Lazio squad by heart. There will be a crucial strategic element, involving setting up your strongest squad, or …squads. 👀 Not to mention, the more games your players play together, the better their chemistry gets.

Did you know? Matchday Mobile ⚽ is actually the working title. The final title is currently under wraps and will be revealed ... soon 👀

And after you've put your team together?

Once you’ve got your team ready, send them onto the pitch to play! From there, the gameplay comes to life in a completely new way. With a fusion of immersive visuals, reactive sound and dynamic text powered by the latest generative-AI technology, you’re not just watching the game, you’re virtually on the touchline.

Will I need a controller then?

No tricky or fiddly controls to wrestle with here. We are aiming to remove the barriers that exist in other football games, immersing you in the highs of a last second goal and the joy of celebrating victory.

Can I play against my mates?

Definitely. Matchday Mobile ⚽ is massively multiplayer - just like football is. Not only will you be able to challenge your friends, teammates and work colleagues, but you’ll be able to compete against other people around the world.

Will it be fun?

You know it. We are absolutely convinced Matchday Mobile ⚽ is going to be a real game changer. Get ready to be part of something special.


Soooooon (2024). Keep your eyes open though because soon you’ll be able to get your club ready ahead of the game launch. And if you haven’t already, go claim your free pack of player cards now by clicking on the image below.

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