Swaps: Get the cards you want

We're excited to introduce the community preview of Swaps, a new feature designed to help you get the cards you want.

How It Works

  1. Pick a Swap. Every Swap has a reward. See a card you want? Join the Swap.
  2. Choose your players. Gather cards that meet the Swap requirements.
  3. Swap it! Exchange the cards you assembled to get your reward.

Why Swaps?

  1. Strengthen your squad. Get specific higher OVR or rarity cards, guaranteed. You’ll be using your squad to compete soon.
  2. Use all your cards. With Swaps, every card in your collection will be put to use.
  3. A game of collection. Hunt for the right cards on our Discord, Shop, or Marketplace to complete Swaps.

What are some examples of Swaps?

Examples of Swaps could include:

What's Next

We’ll be launching new Swaps monthly, and maybe even weekly! Have a suggestion for a Swap? Let us know in Discord.

Getting Started

It's easy! Sign up on matchday.com, explore Swaps, and start building the squad you want.

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