Game-Changer at Gamesbeat 2023

Playing the Edge & Revealing the Future

Bridging the gap between tradition and innovation, GamesBeat NEXT 2023 served as the perfect stage for unveiling the future of gaming, inviting attendees to venture beyond the known and "Play the Edge”. The central theme of the event was "Playing the Edge", a term which encapsulates the spirit of pushing boundaries, taking risks, and venturing into unexplored territories within the gaming world.

Innovation & Excitement

Attendees at Gamesbeat's 'NEXT' event were treated to an insightful session with both Matchday’s Chief Gaming Officer and Co-Founder Sebastien de Halleux and Super Evil Megacorp’s CEO Kristian Segerstrale. It was against this fitting backdrop that Sebastien revealed the existence of Matchday’s new mobile game, Matchday Mobile ⚽.

“Matchday has consistently aimed to push boundaries and redefine the gaming experience. Our focus on a revolutionary football game aspires to be a category-defining creation.” - Sebastien de Halleux, Chief Gaming Officer at Matchday

Emotional Connection

Set to launch in 2024, Matchday Mobile ⚽ is based on both true ownership of player cards, and first of a kind AI-native technology. This mobile game is a reflection of Matchday’s unwavering commitment to innovation, player-centric experiences, and above all, the team’s profound love of football.

“The fact is, most football fans don’t play football games. With Matchday Mobile ⚽, there’s no controller required, meaning it is accessible to many more players. Without giving too much away, think Chat, Tap and Scroll” - Sebastien de Halleux, Chief Gaming Officer at Matchday

Learn more about Matchday Mobile ⚽ here.

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