Win exclusive FIFA Women’s World Cup digital player cards by playing Matchday Challenge: FIFA Women’s World Cup AU NZ∙2023™ Edition

Whether you call it football or soccer, it’s the sport that brings us together. At Matchday, united by our love of the beautiful game, we grew up cheering for our national teams and the international superstars that fueled our ambition.

Now in time for the FIFA Women’s World Cup kicking off on July 20, we’re launching Matchday Challenge: FIFA Women’s World Cup AU NZ∙2023™ Edition, a casual mobile game combining football trivia and exciting match prediction to play with your friends. The game kicks off by posing a series of fast-paced quiz questions as participants test their football/soccer knowledge in 60-second rapid-fire rounds and try to beat their own high scores. Fun for both football experts and casual players celebrating this summer’s showpiece FIFA Women’s World Cup, the game is a perfect companion to watching live matches around the globe.

The further players progress through the game, the more opportunities they have to unlock exclusive digital cards featuring their FIFA Women’s World Cup™ stars, build their custom collections, and create the ultimate squad on These cards will be usable in all upcoming Matchday games, as we pioneered opening up the pitch to co-gender teams, giving players the chance to create teams with both men and women athletes in a revolutionary approach to inclusivity and gameplay.

We’ve also expanded a game prediction mode for players to vote on their top teams and players for the Women’s World Cup. Players can also square off against the community by predicting each match’s winner and final score, with their growing roster of player cards turbo-charging their rise up the leaderboard. We hope the billions of football fans around the world will enjoy the game as a companion as they follow the exciting Cup!

Fans can jump straight into the action of Matchday Challenge: FIFA Women’s World Cup AU NZ∙2023™ Edition at

We’ll also be offering a selection of official FIFA prizes, and vouchers to the FIFA®Store. Follow along on Twitter and Discord for the latest updates and how to play along.

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