The race is on: Build up your FIFA Women’s World Cup™ collection and unlock limited editions!

Introducing Collections. Race to build your collection of FIFA Women’s World Cup, and get your hands on limited-rarity editions before anyone else does!

What do I get for winning the race?

Each pack of Limited or Rare cards acquired gives you an entry into our sweepstakes for prizes, including a grand prize of a MacBook, iPhone, AND a football jersey of your choice! More details, including the prize list, can be found here, while terms and conditions are available to view here.

How do I play?

This is your chance to claim Rare and Legendary versions of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ players.

With your Matchday Coins, start by forming sets of 5 Limited player cards of each of the 32 nations in the FIFA Women’s World Cup™. For every nation you complete, you get to claim one Rare card of a player from that nation.

Next, build up sets of 4 Rare cards, with one player from each position (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and forward). Players can be from any country. For every completed set, you’ll receive one Legendary FIFA Women’s World Cup™ card - of which only 10 are available for each footballer!

Due to limited inventory, you can only claim up to three Legendary cards, and they will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis, so be quick!

How long do I have to complete my collections?

Collections will end when all cards are claimed, or by 6 September 2023, 23:59 UTC. After which, we will burn all unclaimed higher rarity cards. This means Matchday will no longer directly issue any more FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ higher rarity cards ever.

Where can I get the cards and Matchday Coins?

Play Matchday Challenge, and earn Matchday Coins for free. Then head to our Shop to redeem them for packs of Limited and Rare cards. Alternatively, get a head start by picking out specific cards from our Marketplace, or purchasing bundles of Coins in our Shop.

Can these cards still be sold and traded as normal?

All cards are tradable. However, once they are part of a collection used to claim a card reward, we will restrict you from listing them on the Marketplace. This restriction will stay in place until 6 September 2023, 23:59 UTC, after which we will lift all trading restrictions.

What is the benefit of limited rarity cards?

We’ll be introducing a progression mechanic for every player card. This means that a card can earn experience points or ‘XP’.

XP improves a card’s strength and impact in Matchday games. The higher the rarity, the faster the card will earn XP. So if you want to stand the best chance of building a world-beating team, you may want to own as many higher rarity cards as possible.

Additionally, we want to get more player cards into the hands of our community. Owners of select higher rarity cards will be able to spawn, or “mint”, a limited number of common cards of the same player every season.

Where do I get started?

Head to Matchday Challenge to play our rapid-fire quiz and predictions game with your friends, start earning those Matchday Coins, spend them in the Shop and start building your Collections. Welcome to the next stage of our adventure!

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