Possessions with Purpose - Why We Collect

A group of children huddle around. Small hands grasping a wads of stickers. The ritual begins. “Got, got, need, got.” They compare, they negotiate, they exchange, each one inching closer to a full sticker album.

Years later, those flimsy books of paper and ink are rediscovered as treasures infused with memories of the past. Friends, the aroma of a place in time and the often complicated feelings of the past.

Collecting is a vast and growing hobby accommodating a wide spectrum of participants with multiple reasons to collect. But why? Why do so many of us do it? Why do we as human forge emotional connections with objects so frequently? Much more than the accumulation of things, the act of collecting is densely entwined in layers of overlapping motivations, with human connection and emotion being integral to most of them.

Ownership is the most intimate relationship that one can have to objects. Not that they come alive in him; it is he who lives in them.
Walter Benjamin

Around football, this emotion connection applies equally. From cards to toys to match day programmes to jerseys, footballs and ticket stubs. Football memorabilia spans the globe as fans gather physical objects, upon which they attach memories, emotions and connections. As this rich landscape evolves, it encompasses both the cardboard mementos of the schoolyard as well as ushering in digital items that serve similar purposes. This new form of digital collection can be found at Matchday and within Matchday Mobile. Our innovative platform reimagines traditional sticker collecting, offering a huge selection of officially licensed footballer cards.

These cards do more than just digitally represent players, they serve as a bridge between the tactile past and a dynamic present. Where the essence of collecting is preserved and enhanced. The digital format offers distinct advantages - no wear and tear, no risk of loss, and the added excitement of using these cards in strategic gameplay.

Beyond Passive Collecting

Within Matchday Mobile then, these cards come to life! Now it’s possible to pit your team versus your friends’ squads. That dream pairing you had in mind can be actually used in a game. How would Mbappé and Messi link up if you could get them together? Can you have a world class back four without any Italian players? Answer all these and more, using the same cards you already own!

Although we’ve talked about ownership and what it means before, we will reiterate - ownership is a crucial part of collecting. It’s a key pillar for us, which is why we believe in blockchain technology for Matchday cards. Try selling your cards now, if you want, and see who gets the money (hint: it’s you!). Keep or sell, it’s up to you - and it is something we believe in very strongly. Currently, the Matchday cards live on a private chain, but it is and has always been in our plans to give Matchday card holders the ability to mint cards on a public chain. Provisionally this plan is scheduled for this year, 2024. Stay tuned.

Collecting is a form of practical reason. It is a way of reasserting the primacy of the subject in a world where objects are all-powerful.
Jean Baudrillard

Collecting brings people together, no matter their age. Finding a rare card, getting closer to completing a collection, and making friends with other collectors are joys that everyone can understand. Collecting acts like a bridge from the past to the present, helping us keep and share history.

Let's not forget why we start collecting in the first place - enjoyment. The excitement of the search, the happiness when if and when we finally complete a set, and the friendships we make are still what collecting is all about. With Matchday Mobile, we're not only gathering cards, but stories, memories, and shared moments that make our lives richer and bring us closer to people everywhere.

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