Introducing: Virtual Stadium. Football. Anywhere.

The ways we can watch football have evolved in the last couple of decades. Some people sit and watch full matches, others catch the highlights on the TV. Many consume clips and highlights straight from social platforms. We’re introducing another evolution in Virtual Stadium. Imagine a place where you can follow along with a game, or whole tournament, with friends from around the world, in real-time!

Think of Virtual Stadium as your go-to virtual pub where the game is always on and the company's always great. It's a breakthrough service on Discord that keeps you updated on match results while you're chatting away or even busy with other tasks. Picture it as a second screen experience that brings the game to you, enhancing your football experience with live notifications, stats, and much more.

Virtual Stadium taps into a massively detailed database which grants you the power of calling up super fine stats from all over thew world, immediately. Want to know how many possessions Phil Foden lost during the last World Cup? You got it! Compare teams, players, or check out upcoming matches. Never have numbers been so absorbing and useful.

Why It's a Game Changer:

Let’s try it out. Mark Your Calendars!

We’re extending an invite to everyone. Join us live in the Virtual Stadium on Matchday’s Discord on Tuesday, 26th March, for an epic showdown between Germany and Netherlands. It's the perfect opportunity to see this innovative feature in action.

Looking Ahead

The Virtual Stadium is just the start. We're dreaming big – imagine custom quizzes that get to know your server and its members, offering a personalised Matchday experience that grows with your community.

Ready, Set, Goal!

Virtual Stadium is here to give us a new way to come together for football. So, grab your virtual seat, cheer on your team, and be part of football's next big leap forward. See you in the Virtual Stadium!

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