Who are the Matchday Community?

“Join our Community! Join our Discord, chat to us on X, Instagram and Threads.”

We’re often encouraging new users to connect with us and join in, but… with who? Today we’re going to bring you closer to a few of the Matchday fans that make up our valuable community.

To encourage some conversation, we recently hosted a virtual Community Roundtable. This time the topic for members to discuss was - themselves!

”My favourite memory was definitely reading that I had won the ‘Most Consecutive Wins’ during the Alpha testing for Matchday Mobile.” - Armknight, aka Edward from Romania.

“Oh yes, and managing to grab the 92 rated Mbappé common card from the marketplace for a good price!"

Here, Armknight refers to the 2023-24 season version of French striker Kylian Mbappé, which happens to have the highest OVR across all current Matchday cards.

We asked him how he originally discovered the Matchday community.

"I was part of FIFA+ Collect and another user I knew from their forums told me about Matchday”, says Armknight. “I absolutely love the collection aspect and building a team. Combined with being able to use your collection in a game and see how it plays out is exciting.”

”I got an email from socios.com during the 2022 World Cup that brought me to Matchday." - Reigning Matchday Mastermind champ Madic.

”I started buying my first packs around the semifinals, got Messi rare and then saw him win the final. Amazing times.” recalls Madic.

“I discovered Matchday through a mail from FIFA+Collect, and mostly liked the gaming part.” says Lebronson.

The final member of our core trio chips in: “My favourite memory  was during that same World Cup. There were the World Cup predictions, the Leaderboards and no one really knew what was going to happen, it was fun times and exciting.”

Madic remembers a highlight for him, “Watching the Women’s World Cup 2023 final while holding some good cards from the Spanish Team. The WWC23 collection with the limited cards to get a rare and 4 rares to get a legendary was amazingly fun.”

What is the community’s dream feature in Matchday Mobile?


”I’d like to see a 1 vs 1 challenge with a mystery prize awarded to the winner.”

Lebronson: “I want the cards to be NFTs, specifically ERC 404 tokens, which could enable on-chain matches.”

Madic: “For me it’s tournaments and competitions with requirements to entry. This would widely expand the possibilities for players, strategies and everything. Also! A make an offer button on the marketplace would be nice!”

Passing on wisdom to the next generation.

Our core community members have been around for a while, so we wanted to tap them up for advice for any new members joining now and in the future.

Madic implores new users to be consistent. “When you are consistent, it will bring you farther, your results will compound and you’ll surpass the expectations you have at the beginning of your journey.” He goes on to add with a wry smile:

“And don’t take it personal if I beat you bad.”

Lebronson suggests having a clear gameplan from the start.

“Think about your squad and the kind of team we want to build beyond the OVR. There are hidden gems of players when you examine the secondary stats.”

Armknight offers in a sage and knowing tone:

“Be patient! Have patience when building your collection, the good cards will come!”

He goes on to mention a new feature, “I love the new daily deals system. It means I check in every day to see who the players are, and then I end up looking at the marketplace every day too.”

A huge thank you to all community members, vocal and silent, and especially those that took the time to share their experiences with us to make this post possible!

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