Matchday Challenge: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ is Live!

Compete with your friends over a game of FIFA World Cup predictions. Climb the global leaderboard and be eligible for prizes!

Invite Friends

1. Start playing the Matchday Challenge by tapping Play in Matchday Home

2. Make your predictions for  Group Stage games

3. Finally, invite all your friends to challenge you in your very own leaderboard

After the Group Stage, you can then make predictions for each round as the tournament progresses - Round of 16, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, Third Place Play-Off and lastly, the Final.10 minutes before kickoff of each match, we lock your match predictions, and we snapshot your squad for bonus points!

Gain Points

Your goal is to gain as many points as possible per match and move up the leaderboard!

You'll earn points based on the accuracy of your prediction

You also earn bonus points per match, if a player in your squad plays well in that match

Prediction points

Bonus points from your squad

Get Cards

Play the Challenge, and any free pack you receive may contain World Cup Edition cards. You'll also have the chance to purchase them during the tournament. The cards are yours to keep! They remain a part of your squad after the World Cup, and are playable in all future Matchday games.

Play the Matchday Challenge now!

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