Matchday Squads Beta update: Weekly Leagues are here!

The Matchday Squads experience has had an update, with our Weekly League system the biggest addition.

These regular competitions allow you to test your team’s strength over a longer period, and give you the chance to win rewards – but that’s not all that’s new…

What’s new?

Weekly League

Get ready to take your Matchday management skills to the next level! Your squad will play up to 26 matches every week. Each league will run for seven days, with four games each day, played at six-hour intervals from Monday to Sunday. Sundays only have two games, to give you and your team a break.

Each Monday, one hour before the first match, squads will be assigned to mini-leagues made up of 14 teams each. The fixtures for the entire week will be pre-generated, with squads playing each other twice (home and away), for a total of 26 matches.

We are also introducing a newcomers league, filled with squads of the newest Matchday fans. There is no maximum number of entrants in this league, and fixtures are generated at random at the start of each round of matches. Each squad in the newcomer league can play another team once or more, with the constraint that a squad should not play twice in each round. Squads in this league will also play up to 26 matches in one week.

New users who join after the start of Weekly League on Mondays will be added to the newcomers league. Joining the newcomers league may result in a slight disadvantage due to having fewer fixtures left in the week to earn points – so sign up early or build an unbeatable squad!

In each league, users will earn three points for a win, one for a draw, and zero for a loss. After each match, participants can check the standings and leaderboards from the ranking page. At the end of the week, top finishers are rewarded according to their placement in the league:

Wondering what your chances are of receiving a high-level card as part of these rewards? We’ve got you covered…

You’ll need at least 11 player cards in your first team squad to participate in the Weekly League. If you have an incomplete Squad, you’ll receive an email one hour before your next game as a reminder, allowing you to make changes.

If you sell a card while a game is in progress, leaving you with an incomplete Squad, you will automatically forfeit the match and incur a 3-0 loss, so be wary!

Updates to free packs

To ensure everyone is able to take part in Squads, each pack issued to new users will include:

In addition, users playing Squads for the first time will receive random cards of the following: 

This means all users will have at least 11 players to use in Matchday Squads, and allow them to join the Weekly League. We’ll even auto-generate your first Squad based on the cards you have available!

Morale Boost

Need to give your Squad an extra kick for your upcoming games? Now you can, with our Morale Boost option.

Boosting your team’s rating on the squad selection screen improves your team’s attack for all matches over the next 24-hour period, after which you can boost them again. Keeping your squad motivated each day means you’ll be able to strengthen your chances of victory.

Other new features

Get playing – and talking!

Now you know how it works, set up your squad and start playing Matchday Squads to see if you have what it takes to top the league!

We’d also love to hear your thoughts, questions and suggestions on how we can improve the experience even further, so be sure to get in touch on Twitter or Discord.

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