Matchday Marketplace is Live!

The wait is over. We have launched the Marketplace! 

The Marketplace for Everyone

The Matchday Marketplace is the transfer market to help you build the squad of your dreams. We’ll be releasing more Matchday games in 2023, so start getting your squad into top shape. Refreshing your squad? Sell your players to other teams. Scouted players you really want? Buy them.

We have built our Marketplace with everyone in mind. Whether you decide to pay with a credit/debit card, or USDC, we have you covered. And you can withdraw your proceeds via wire transfer directly to your bank account, or to your Solana wallet, in many countries around the world. You can learn more by reading our FAQs.

Protecting You

Our goal is to create a marketplace where buyers and sellers from all over the world feel safe and secure trading Matchday items. This means putting in protections for you, from identity verification to prevent bots and malicious actors, to rigorous payment transfer policies to protect against fraudsters. 

We want your feedback

We are hard at work on new features like offers, giving you more payment/withdrawal options, auctions, and more.

This is our first release, so we know there’ll be room for improvement across the board. We’ll be releasing updates, bug fixes, and improvements weekly. Join our Discord - we would love your feedback and suggestions.

Show off your squad!

Head over to the Marketplace and check it out. Bought players you really wanted? Share them on Twitter or Instagram, and tag us!

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