Inside the Game: The Power of FIFPRO

Something a little different this week as we present our interview with the Commercial Director of FIFPRO, Andrew Orsatti. In this deep dive interview, Andrew delves into the crucial work FIFPRO does to protect footballers worldwide and highlights the importance of partnerships, like the one with Matchday, in supporting their mission.

Andrew Orsatti's role at FIFPRO involves overseeing all licensing agreements, especially in the video game space, which is how Matchday and FIFPRO came together. FIFPRO represents around 65,000 professional footballers in nearly 70 countries. Their mission is to protect players' rights and ensure fair working conditions across the globe.

Tackling challenges head on

Andrew outlines several challenges that professional footballers face, including increased workload leading to rising injury rates, social media abuse, basic employment issues, and viewing players as products. FIFPRO's role is to defend players' rights, from top-tier stars to those in smaller competitions, ensuring they are respected and fairly treated.

With the women's game growing rapidly, more resources are needed in exactly the same areas. FIFPRO works to ensure that professional contracts in women's football are protected, advocating for better working conditions and equality.

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How does Matchday fit in with that?

Licensing agreements, such as the one with Matchday, play a significant role in supporting FIFPRO's mission. The revenue generated from these deals is redistributed globally to support player unions and professional footballers. This collective approach helps build a sustainable and healthy industry where players' rights are respected.

One of FIFPRO's most recognisable initiatives is the World 11, an annual vote by players for the best players in the world. This peer recognition is unique and truly representative of the players' collective voice. Nearly 30,000 players participate in this vote, highlighting the respect and admiration they have for their peers.

Andrew Orsatti's insights underscore the critical and often hidden role FIFPRO plays in the world of football. From protecting players' rights to ensuring fair conditions in both men's and women's football, FIFPRO's work is essential for the sport's integrity.

So sit back, relax and have a listen, the whole interview is a super interesting window into FIFPRO's work behind the scenes.

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