📢  Pack Drop: Limited rarity FIFA World Cup™ Cards!

To celebrate an unforgettable FIFA World Cup, we are releasing our FIFA World Cup™ Genesis Packs, containing only limited rarity cards!

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For the first time ever, we are making limited rarity cards available to you.

As you build your squad for Matchday Squads and Matchday Mobile games in 2023, keep in mind that limited rarities will play a part in strengthening your squad.

This is also one of the last few chances to get FIFA World Cup 2022™ Edition cards before we stop releasing them.

How does it work?

Each pack is guaranteed to include one Limited card (1/1000), and every pack has a chance to get a Legendary rarity card (only 1 of 10 in existence!).

Genesis Packs start from $24.99, and are available in Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers. The higher the tier, the more rare cards you will receive. We’ll only be releasing 1,110 packs as part of this drop. Read this to learn how cards are selected in each pack.

How do I buy?

The sale starts on December 20 2022 at 3pm UTC/7am PT right here, and is open to all Matchday members!

BUT if you’re an early Matchday adopter, you get early access starting on December 19 2022 at 3pm UTC/7am PT. You qualify if

👉 You joined Matchday before November 12th

👉 10 of your friends have joined Matchday via your invitation

👉 You’ve bought Common packs

Give us your feedback!

This is our first ever limited card drop, and we know there’ll be room for improvement. We’ll be doing more drops in the future, and we want to always create the best possible experience. Join our Discord - we would love your feedback and suggestions.

We are really excited to finally get our higher rarity cards into our community. Show them off on your Matchday squad and flex your new cards on Discord!

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