Alexia Putellas discusses the future vision of Matchday

Another assist for Alexia Putellas! Matchday was proud to welcome the back-to-back Ballon d’Or Feminin and UEFA Women’s Player of the Year award winner to our office recently for a helping hand on our future.

As the founding global ambassador, advisor, and investor for Matchday, Alexia met with the team in Barcelona to discuss our product vision and game design decisions.

During the session, Alexia provided invaluable insights and perspectives that will inform our approach to game development. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with such a talented athlete and advocate for women’s football.

Alexia’s visit to our office underscores Matchday’s commitment to promoting inclusivity in football. By working with similar trailblazers, we hope to create a game that is accessible to all football fans and elevates the sport for everyone.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Alexia and building games and experiences to inspire the next generation of football players and fans.

Gràcies, Alexia!
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